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Post Half Wit Fics

Hi, everyone! I'm looking for some post Half Wit fics that center around Cameron's anger at House's lie. That, and any others that focus on the aftermath of the kiss.

I'd prefer it if there was H/C interaction in the fic as opposed to a Cameron character study. Angst, romance, smut, etc. is fine with me! Thanks in advance!

50 House/Cameron fic recs...

I hope this is okay to post here :) 
We are doing a list of the 50 best House/Cameron fanfictions for the H/C thread at Fanforum, and we'd love to have your imput. Can you post your favourites? Doesn't matter the rating, but it has to be House/Cameron.

Fic Rec:: I Do? I Don't

Sorry if this has been posted.

Title of fic: I Do? I Don't
Author: ColorOfAngels
Could a drunken mistake be the best thing that ever happened to them? Alot can happen before an annulment is finalized... HouseCameron
Why you recommend this fic:
Well.. Its amazingly good. Lol.
Any additional thoughts:
Its still in progress, but i expect it will continue to be just as great!


Jealous!House anyone?

Anyone know any good Jealous!House fics? Smut would be perferable... but I'll go with non-smut ones too =D
Thanks in advanced.

Fic Hunt.

Hi there,

I'm a newbie in the House fandom so could anyone recommend me any angsty h/c novel length fics that are almost a classic in the fandom? By classic I mean that every fan should never miss reading it as it is so good. Thank you!

Jehove (:
Apologies for cross posting.

myFandoms.com is sponsoring a new fan fic contest. Entries for all fandoms are welcomed. The winner get their choice of an *autographed* script of : Alias, House MD, or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

All the details are at: http://www.myfandoms.com/forums/showthread.php?p=711#post711

Please join us!

Fic Recommendation: Under Orders

Title of fic: Under Orders
Author: cincoflex and starhawk2005
Rating: Very Much M
Genre: Sex, Sex, and More Sex?
Summary: While exploring their new relationship (*cough*BDSM*cough*), House and Cameron decide that the perfect place to have a little "down time" is inside their rich patient's penthouse. Oh. Did I mention that there's a blizzard going on outside?
Why you recommend this fic: After a brief hiatus, starhawk2005 -- the "Queen of Smut" -- has returned to the House/Cameron folds. And boy, has she made a comeback! This fic is full of BDSM, hawt and kinky sex, and a delicious insight into the characters we both know and love. And if after you're done reading, you crave still more smut? For the first time in recent history, there's an alternate ending as written by the multi-talented cincoflex. What are you waiting for? Go, go. ;-)
Any additional thoughts: PLEASE REMEMBER TO REVIEW!!! (It's every author's own personal form of vicodin.)
Link: Part One * Part Two
Alternate Ending by cincoflex

Fic Rec: "All Hell Breaks Loose"

Title of fic: All Hell Breaks Loose
Author: starhawk2005
Rating: M for deliciously Mature
Genre: Suspense, Angst, Frightening Monsters that Go 'Boom'
Summary: House/Supernatural Cross-Over Fic. Cameron has been abducted by Meg, the daughter of All Evil. It's a race against time as new boyfriend, Dean, attempts to rescue her. Meanwhile, a jealous House remains in Princeton, wondering just what has happened to his immunologist.
Why you recommend this fic: Not only is starhawk2005 queen when it comes to smut, she's also awesome at handling delicious plots filled with suspense and angst. This fic is no exception. You've got hawt sex, an intriguing plotline, and terrific characterizations. What can be better than that?
Any additional thoughts: Please note that this is not a Cameron/House fic. It's a crossover fic with Supernatural, where Allison Cameron is involved with Dean Winchester, while House looks jealously on from the sidelines.
Link: Part One * Part Two

PLEASE REMEMBER TO REVIEW! (It's every author's own personal form of vicodin.)


Recently I've been reading a lot. It seemed it renews my disappointed h/c spirit.

Author:tenacious err @ ff.net
Rating: G
Summary:Cameron & House get trapped in one of the elevators at PPTH. Without much choice they've been put together for the night.

Personality Change
Author:enots @ ff.net
Rating: R
Summary:Someone has a hidden talent and House is confused.

The Downward Spiral
Redemption (Sequel)
Author:JellyBean30 @ ff.net
Rating: PG-13 - Rish
Summary:His leg pain gone, will House be able to overcome his drug addiction?

I'll add more to this list as I go along.

FIC: Traversing the Spiral

And because I just love shameless plugs . . .

Title: Traversing the Spiral
Author: Mikki
Rating: Rated M for Mature, V for Very
Genre: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Spoilers up to and including "Merry Little Christmas." ('Tis my own version of how the end of that ep should have gone.)
Summary: With his pills running out, House continues to traverse the spiral.
Beta: Much love and gratitude to the beyond awesome houseketeer, who stepped in at the last minute to beta for me. Not only did she do an amazing job, she kicked my ass until I got it done. My first child shall bear her name.
Note: Written for the hc_smut_a_thon challenge, this fic is loosely based around Creed's "One Last Breath." Actual lyrics were not used.

Part of him wanted to break her in two, shake some sense into her. The other part of him wanted to hold onto her and refuse to let go. This part recognized that he was sinking fast, and she just might be the only thing that could keep him afloat.