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Fic Hunt

I'm looking for a tic I read quite awhile ago. I think it was called Cam's Gram and I'm fairly certain it had at least one sequel. I've looked through all my saved links and can't find it anywhere. I'd appreciate any help in finding the fic and any sequels it may have. Thanks!


This an au fic of where cameron is either a stripper/dancer/prostitute and meets house who wants to help. I think she is abused and is young.

Many thanks


Hello, folks! Newbie here!

I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any fics revolving around House going nuts at Vogler for approaching Cameron and some GOOD fic where he knocks her up!

I'll be eternally grateful for any links you may give.

Thanks in advance,

J xxx

Hunting fic

Hi just wondering if anyone could help me locate a fic I read a while back. I'm pretty sure it was called Say Something, but I just can't seem to find it anywhere. It was about Cameron wanting a child and asking House to be the father, and they proceed to go about the conception the old fashioned way. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.



I'm french. I search a "virgin cameron" fic. Its first time would be with House.

I already read  "Cold Hearted" that I adored. I'm so sorry that there is not the end.

An idea for another fic ? Please.......



Missed Opportunities

I recently took part in a multi-author fic on the House/Cam relationship.

The basic premise began when someone suggested an alternate ending for a House scene.  What evolved was a discussion of the many House/Cameron 'moments' that have happened, and how WE as fans of the couple would have liked to see them turn out.

Eventually it morphed into a ten author fic.  The story is canon compatible through most of Season 3.  It is set at the end of Cameron's fellowship, where she must decide if she will accept a job offer from Cuddy or leave PPTH to take a job across the country.

House & Cameron begin reminiscing about their time together & how THEY wish some of the moments had gone while Cameron decides if she should stay or go.....

Missed Opportunities

This is a sort of a fic rec thing, in factm you guys are just what we are looking for.

I, and  silvakhave created our brand spanking new comm:  litterae_elitum. This comm is specifically for the posting of brilliant fics, but only from 3 fandoms: House MD, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. However we are open to any other fandom, but we will need a moderator for it. Likewise, we would really love someone to be our Harry Potter "expert", to help us advertise the comm, and judge the fics. 

I hope this comm will become a library for anyone who is bored. They will be able to click onto our journal, scroll down to the fandom, choose a fic, and start reading. WIthout posting requests. 

It is a snowball effect, once people are joined, and adding fics, the more people will join to read those excellent fics, the higher the standard of fics will be and therefore even more people will join!

So please please please join, and start sending in your favourite fics!

X posted everywhere for maximum exposure.

Help a struggling uni student out.....

Hey All,

I am hoping some of you will be able to take pity on a poor struggling Australian 3rd year Journalism student (who is pulling her hair out for her final assessment) and take part in a bit of a Q & A.

I wish to find out what makes fanfiction writers/readers tick. The link below will take you to my lj for a series of questions – about 13. You will be asked things like why you became interested in Fanfiction and why it has such an attraction to you.

I hope you are able to spend just a few moments of your time completing this and I look forward to your responses. The more people who can contribute the better.


p.s – I have mod approval…….

Current Fic

This fic' takes a turn from what has already happened this season. After a long time I read a fic that interested me house/cam wise.

Pairings: House/Cameron, Chase/Cameron

Fic Rec: Let it Linger

Title of fic: Let It Linger
Author: keeper_of_stars
Rating: PG
Genre: Post Half-Wit one shot
Summary: He’d managed to spot their table from the window, and they all looked so… happy. Considering what had happened House expected them to look anything but.
Why you recommend this fic: It's a wonderful interpretation of the kiss from Half-Wit. Features House, Cameron, Chase, and Foreman.
Any additional thoughts: Though the fic is really about House's thoughts on "the kiss," it's still very much in character. Beautifully phrased and incredibly realistic.

Let It Linger